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  1. Membership for a year is valid for 1 year starting from the day of registration 

  2. Annual membership fee is payable within due date for a year (will be informed via email)

  3. Annual membership fee is S$60 per person and is non-refundable

  4. Annual membership fee is irrespective of the type of membership or courses enrolled for

  5. Members should follow the rules of the society, observe discipline at all times within the premises of the society or when outside the premises and representing Parampara

  6. Members may be requested to volunteer at times for activities/ events of Parampara, subject to their availability and convenience. 

  7. Parampara is a nonprofit organisation and there will be no payment for any volunteering activity performed at Parampara events

  8. Each such volunteering activity will have special credits and may get the status of General/ Full Membership of Parampara

  9. Promotion of affiliate membership to general membership is at the sole discretion of the committee

  10. Membership details will be sent to the members via email including the receipt for online payments  

  11. Members are requested to provide additional details about their special skills, that can help in the growth of Parampara via email

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