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Farukhabad Gharana

Farukhabad gharana is one of six prominent playing styles or gharanas of North Indian tabla drums, in Hindustani classical music, and derives its name from Farukhabad in Uttar Pradesh state of India  The Farukhabad Gharana is the among the oldest gharanas (i.e. school) of Tabla. It belongs to the wider "Purbi Baj", or "eastern way of playing". It is characterized by an extensive use of resonant strokes played on the sur of the daya reminding the Pakhawaj, but also by delicate strokes. The repertoire is replete with a varied and intriguing compositions, makes great use of open resonant baya strokes, and contains many unique stroke combinations. There is a greater wealth and emphasis of gats, chalan, and rela compositions than on qaida or peshkar. There is a prominent use of certain bols, notably DhereDhere/KitaTaka/TakitaDha.


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