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Jaipur-Senia Gharana

The "Senia" style of Sitar playing started with the legendary great master of Sitar, Ustad Maseet Sen from the family of Tansen, the originator of "Maseetkhani" style, On the basis of scanti records available, Maseet Sen, emerges as a direct descendent in the sixth generation from Mian Tansen Even today, after many hundred years, the famous "Maseetkhani Baaj" is still played by the traditional Sitar players of India. The Sitar players of "Senia Gharana" were, at a later stage known as the sitarists of "Jaipur-Senia Gharana". This particular school of music had the advantage of playing Sitar in "Been" (Veena) style and maintaining the purest form of Ragas and technique. This style had it’s speciality of having 17 frets on Sitar. This Gharana ( style) of Sitar playing has another rare distinction of having an uninterrupted line of Sitar players from father to son or teacher to student, for 9 generations ( starting with Maseet Sen) till date, all playing the Sitar with 17 frets.

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