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Patiala Gharana

The Patiala Gharana is one of the most prominent gharanas of vocal Hindustani classical music.This school of music has had a number of famous musicians, many of whom came to be patronised by the royal family of Patiyala after the disintegration of the Mughal Empire at Delhi in the 18th century.

Mian Kaalu of Delhi gharana, trained his son Ustad Ali Bux Jamail and his friend Ustad Fateh Ali (the famous Ali-a-Fattu). They received training from Haddu - Hassu of Gwalior too. This helped them to develop a unique gayaki of their own. Together, Ali Bux and Fateh Ali made a wonderful combination and presided at the Patiala darbar. Ali Bux Khan was one of their disciples and was the father and guru of the most famous Patiala exponent of 20th century, Ustad Bade Ghulam Khan. Kale Khan Kesarwale was another disciple of Ali-a-Fattu, who trained his nephew and another great master Barkat Ali Khan.

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