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4 March 2023
Alliance Française, Singapore

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The practice of singing was popular from the Vedic times (5000 BC) where the hymns in Sama Veda, an ancient religious text, were sung as Samagana. Ever since, it has developed over centuries, imbibing traditions from across the Indian subcontinent to form a rich cultural tradition named as Indian Classical Music. Hindustani music (diverging from Carnatic music during AD 13th century)  was not only influenced by ancient Hindu musical traditions, historical Vedic philosophy and native Indian sounds but also enriched by the Persian, Multani, Chinese, Arabic musical practices as well. Today it consists of classical genres like dhrupad, dhamar, khayal, tarana, sadra, thumri, and folk genres like kajri, chaiti, lori, dandiya, bihu, langa, bhopa, jogi, lavani, etc. It has further influenced other forms of Indian music including Tagore songs, Film Music, Indian Pop, Raga Rock, etc. Through parampara, the tradition of music continues over the ages, as a fine string through the numerous musical forms, like the flowers of a garland.


At Parampara society, we strive to achieve a number of objectives including research on Indian Classical Music and Dance. We also strive to promote and strengthen the aesthetics and values of Indian Classical Music and Dance in Singapore by organising musical concerts, ensembles, workshops and master-classes. We are a group of like-minded and musically motivated people who want to create awareness of Indian Classical Music and Dance traditions , and of the life history and work examples of its legendary artists. Through this endeavour, we intend to inspire and teach Indian Classical Music and Dance to aspiring musical talents in Singapore helping them to reach high standards of performance.


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Upcoming Event:
Parampara Music Festival 2023

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Parampara organises regular performances (at least once every 2 months) where aspiring artists perform along with experienced artists of Indian Classical Music



Parampara facilitates research work on Hindustani Classical Music including the different raga forms, their sources, good demonstrations, ragamala paintings and has a huge digital archive for use for researchers

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Learn Indian Classical Music in Singapore from artists of Parampara. Be a member and enjoy the performances at Parampara
Parampara teaches Indian Classical Music (vocal, sitar and tabla) at number of locations in Singapore.
Workshops & Classes


Parampara organises frequent workshops to explain and discuss salient features of musical forms and its nuances and also organises regular classes on Vocal, Sitar, Tabla trainings


PARAMPARA Music Festival 2019 - Dance Program
PARAMPARA Music Festival 2019 - Sitar Recital
PARAMPARA Music Festival 2019 - Tabla Recital
PARAMPARA Music Festival 2019 - Sitar-Tabla Recital
PARAMPARA Music Festival 2019
Parampara Music Festival 2017
Parampara Music Festival 2017
Parampara Music Festival 2017
Parampara Music Festival 2017
Parampara Music Festival 2017
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Meet the Core Team

Samit Ghosal

Honorary President

Parampara - organised by group of music enthusiasts
Amit Mukherjee

Vice President

Rittika Mukherjee

Honorary Secretary

Susmita Datta

Academy Head

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"Everything in Parampara is at a superlative level"

Gauri Shirvastava (Artist, Entrepreneur)



"What a beautiful music and marvellous cultural feast! "

Chuang Chung (Music Student)




"Breathtaking performances one after another... Too good ... Divine experience..."

Madhumita Saha (Singer)




"Parampara served its true purpose by connecting the performers and the spectators soulfully. Each performance was intense enough to break the barrier of time, life and space to make us feel the infinite"

Sarbani Bhattacharya (Artist)

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